We will provide IT
for the digital society


Based on application technology of quantum mechanics as the core,
1. Provide technology for constructing low-cost, energy-saving, large-capacity communication infrastructure in a short time
2. Provide technology to guarantee the correctness of P2P data typified by block chains
We will contribute to the development of the digital society by solving the digital divide and supporting secure data distribution using the above technology.
Providing basic technologies to realize a safe, secure and equal digital society,
It is our mission.


Photon Wireless
Communication Technology

Photon Wireless Communication(PWC) is a optical mesh wireless communication platform designed for enterprise solutions with security,scale and broadband performance built in.

Blockchain Technology

The current Blockchain system is heavy complicated system,like CORBA in the 90’s,requires advanced skills .
Also, the hardware system that supports the block chain consumes a lot of electricity and produces a lot of heat, it is not environmentally friendly.
We provides environmentally friendly,lightweight and easy to develop BlockChain Platform, while realizing robust performance that can accommodate enterprise systems.


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